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Parent Testimonials

Thank you for your amazing organization of, and communication regarding the center. The lack of spread of Covid is a testament to your thoroughness and excellence in dealing with this unprecedented situation, and I cannot tell you enough how grateful we are to be a Two Birds family. Since moving to the US we have become big fans of the Thanksgiving holiday (family time, good food and articulating what we are thankful for without all the consumerism of Christmas is wonderful!) and we will certainly be saying our thanks for you and your amazing team tomorrow. 
I can't believe Ian is already 3 - he's been going to Two Birds since he was 1.5 so he's spent almost half of his life at Two Birds now.  He's been learning so much from everyone there.  Thanks always for everything you and your staff do!
When we think about what we're thankful for in this extremely challenging year, his friends and teachers at Two Birds are at the top of the list. I send his Brightwheel photos to my family and friends every day and I always get comments on how happy he looks there and how much fun it looks like he's having. We ended up here by happenstance but we wouldn't change it for anything.
I also want to thank you and the entire center staff for all you do every day to ensure this vital service is provided in a safe and caring way. It truly means the world to us to know our child is safe and cared for when we drop him off each  day. You all, as more than essential workers, understand how reassuring it is to be able to have a safe place for child care. We have felt safe and reassured since day one and at every  juncture we are more reassured by your vigilance.