Coworking Space in Washington D.C. and VA

Coworking Space for your family

All Two Birds locations provide onsite co-working space for parents alongside childcare. This area is complimentary for Two Birds families and includes cafe-style seating, private offices and phone rooms.

Productive Workspaces with a Family-Friendly Touch

As a working parent, time is a sacred commodity. The onsite co-working space at Two Birds maximizes your professional efficiency by cutting out your commute while also giving you access to a community of fellow working parents. Whether you use it all day, for an early morning meeting right at drop off, to skip rush hour commuting or just to grab a fresh coffee on your way out the door, this space is for our parents.

Open Seating

The common areas of coworking include banquettes, cafe-style seating and desks where you can post up and get some work done.

Private Phone Rooms

For private calls and meetings, there are phone rooms and a huddle room available off of the shared space.

Nursing Lounge

For nursing mothers, we have a private lounge located by the infant classrooms. Teachers will message you through our app when your infant is ready to nurse. We also have a separate space for pumping.

Private Offices

For parents interested in dedicated office space, there are private offices that can be rented for a monthly fee.

Amenities to keep you fueled

At Two Birds, we provide the amenities you need to get the most out of every work day.


All co-working spaces have a kitchenette or pantry area with a refrigerator and plenty of counter space.

Free Coffee and Tea

The co-working space is stocked daily with free, freshly brewed coffee and tea.

Coworking Space FAQs

Is it included in the price of the childcare?

Yes! Our co-working space is complimentary to all Two Birds families.

Can I visit my child at any point?

Children thrive on routines and, at this stage, are beginning to understand how different spaces are associated with different people and experiences. Families drop off and pick up at the classroom, so you’ll always have an opportunity to see the children’s environments and interact with classroom teachers. While we certainly allow families to visit a child, frequently blurring the lines between classroom space and parent space can be difficult for many children because it creates a need for more transitions and adjustments to separation throughout the day. For families who have flexibility during their work day, children really enjoy taking a walk, going to lunch with their parents midday or even taking a swim class down the street.

How much does it cost?

The shared space in our co-working area is free for all Two Birds families. However, if you’d like a designated desk, there is a monthly fee for a private office. Please visit your preferred location for pricing.

Do I need to enroll a kid to use the space?

Yes, our co-working space is reserved for families enrolled at Two Birds. However, parents are welcome to host meetings with colleagues or clients.

Do I have to reserve time to use the space

Nope! Two Birds enrolled families have full access to our co-working area.

What is included in the workspace?

In our coworking space, all our members have access to plenty of working areas, our kitchenette, free coffee and tea, fast Wi-Fi, and a private Pump Room for mothers.

Can I get a dedicated desk/work area?

Yes! We have dedicated desks where you can safely store your personal belongings. To get a dedicated workspace, there is a monthly fee.

Still have questions?

Reach out to our team!